Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When the clock strikes 12...

So I have never been a New Year's Resolution type of gal; basically because they are rubbish, and I never stick to them, and I tend to argue that time is circular rather than linear so it will all come around and bite me on the arse again anyway (at least, I have been known to use the "circular time" argument when I am running late). I mean let's be honest here: who really thinks that a calendar day can miraculously wipe the slate clean and turn you into that non-smoking, non-drinking, hard-working nun you have always promised yourself you would be? A life-changing experience that makes you reassess things sure, but not a miserable little day which we cram importance into as a way of justifying exorbitant cover charges at our favourite dance venue.

So in light of all that, I am offering up a list of non-resolutions that I can live with, and encourage others to post theirs. In 2011, I will do the following:

  • I will still refuse point-blank to ever get married, and I will continue to avoid relationships
  • I will endeavour to get my assignments done on time, and put in some applications for scholarships to further my education
  • I aim to introduce at least three different hard-core colours to my hair. Front runners include magenta, green and turquoise
  • I will not become a mother (of the non fur-kid kind)
  • I will expand my CD collection by at least 20 CDs
  • I will have a fantastic time in Thailand, and will book another O/S trip
  • I will make all possible endeavours to avoid life-threatening situations
  • I will attempt to stick to vegetarianism, and will cook one meal per week
  • I will continue to avoid Christmas and start trying to get an Australian version of Kwanzaa up and happening, at least at Casa Liddle
So yeah, I can live with those I reckon. What about you?

P.S I hope everyone has a safe New Year's and enjoys themselves. A little mood music; this was a song I played a lot after the accident as it just seemed to fit:

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