Friday, January 14, 2011

Bored Brainless at the Airport

Folks, I have 40mins before I'm supposed to board, and so, like any clearly deficient individual, I've decided now is as good a time as any to update the blog. Anyone who knows me knows how utterly out of character it is for me to arrive at the airport in plenty of time (or arrive anywhere for that matter), but for some reason when I fly international I panic a bit and allow hefty minutes.

Anyway, a few observations at this juncture:

  • Duty Free shopping at this end is utter shyte and is not the purchasing utopia those evil capos paint it to be. I haven't even bothered buying anything bar one novel (which I probably could have bought in Thailand anyway for a fraction of the price), and considering the tumbleweeds currently blowing through Duty Free, it is safe to say that no one else is buying either

  • The walkway to the departure lounges from customs is approximately 427km long, and paved with plasterboard. It doesn't get more uninspiring than that

  • I changed my AUDs to Baht, and now feel "deadly rich"! I cannot currently close my wallet

  • There's a couple of Cafes around and they are relatively uninspiring. One of them serves macaroons though that are Brunetti's quality, and there is a bubblegum flavoured one so I had to scoff it

  • The irony of the souvenir shops always gets me. I am currently sitting across from some boomerangs and some "dodgeridoos", painted lavishly in colours that would not be out of place at a rave. My guess: there's a "Made in Indonesia" sticker on the back of them

  • Because I was early, and because I am going to be trapped in a metal capsule hundreds-thousands of metres above the ground, I am wanting to know if there is a smoking lounge somewhere around here. If anyone knows, can they point me.

It pleases me somewhat to be getting away from this poxy, rainy weather, but I am thinking about all stuck in the worst of it at this point. Stay safe, and take care of eachother.

I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM ACTUALLY "ON HOLIDAYS"!!! I am so very very excited, and am so glad I just took the plunge and went for it. Have fun all, and hopefully some adventure stories and pics will make their way on to here (if they don't, I may be having too much fun...)


The Mummyseuss said...

I'll wave as you fly over my house.

Utopiana said...

ACE! I look forward to said wave :D

Utopiana said...

P.S And Cheers Em for being the first to leave a comment since I started this thing up again. Much appreciated