Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning to go with the flow

Well, what a shameful night was had in Tonsai! I completely enjoyed myself, but made a woeful mess of myself. You know when you see something that you've not encountered before and you think "gee, that might be a good idea...", well it turns out that your Phi Phi Island "Bucket" is really not. Ever. For the uninitiated, the bucket consists of the following: Take three scoops of ice, one small bottle of Thai Whiskey, one Thai Red Bull (apparently the equivalent of 4 Australian cans), one can of Coke. Chuck all into the bucket, throw in four straws, and wobble on home 90mins after purchase looking like walking sludge. Before the wobbling part though, I did front up to the Slinky Bar where I got to "ooh" and "aah" at a fire show. Highly recommended.

My day in Tonsai was a little more subdued. Because I had made the random decision to stay on in town, I bought a change of Thai Fisherman's pants (yep, 5 pairs now and counting), a singlet top, some knickers and some toiletries, then did some further exploring. The food in at Tonsai is just amazing, and the vibe is something else. Did I mention that the locals were just wonderful? So I ended up having a great day.

The next morning, strongly resembling a light-sensitive vampire, I went and got myself some brecky then caught a long-tail boat back here to Laem Thong. Turned out that following my whining of the previous day, the peace and serenity of Laem Thong was exactly what I needed. Yesterday was spent taking it fairly easy. I swam a lot in some of the most beautiful turquoise blue waters on the face of the earth, I ate an amazing vegetarian pad thai, and I chilled.

One of the things I have been whining about on Facebook is naked Germans. I tend to mainly go out of my way to not be a proud Aussie, but it appears that I have definitely embraced our national prudish approach to nudity. On my first night, I was confronted firstly by naked woman walking out on to her balcony, then 30 mins later, her naked husband did the exact same thing. When I got back from Tonsai, naked couple had moved on, and I breathed a sight of relief. That was until I discovered that they had been replaced by another exhibitionistic couple whilst I was innocently reading my book a few hours later. Hmm. It seems to be all over the beach, and it's a tad sad that I am so whiny about it, but I have noticed that a lot of the local people seem to react quite similarly and therefore just avoid pockets of the beach where they know people are baking, so at least I'm glad that it's not just me!

But all that aside, last night I cashed in my complimentary Thai massage (this would be massage #3), and had my own moment of partial public nudity whilst this older Thai lady, with quite possibly the sweetest face I had ever seen rubbed aloe vera all over my sunburn, then subjected me to part relaxation - part extreme workout, all in an open air bungalow looking out to the sea. The sizzle went out of my skin, and the sunburn is not even sore today, so she is clearly a miracle worker.

This morning, following a chat with some keen snorkelers from South Africa yesterday, I hired myself a pair of flippers and a snorkel and went down to the pier exploring. I hopped down onto the rocks, slipped, and cut my foot in four places. So endeth my snorkeling days. My foot is absolutely killing me, and with my grand plans of ocean exploration followed by dinner in Tonsai dashed, I had to find some more low-key alternatives. Laem Thong has quite a strong sea gypsy population, and it's their little restaurant here where I have been scoffing green curries on a daily basis. One of the first things I noticed here was that "Tuk Tuk?" had been replaced with "Boat boat?" as they own a lot of the Long tail boats; appropriate really, considering that your long tail boat really is the Tuk Tuk of the Sea! So when one of their old uncles saw me limping and approached me to chat, telling me that I needed to go to hospital to get some antibiotics and suggesting that a long tail boat ride might be a good, low impact activity for me to do, I obliged. For four hours, I saw some amazing coastline (including that place where that really shit movie "The Beach" was filmed), got splashed by the waves, and chilled out. Just wonderful. My guide, Yuom, was a vibrant man who answered all of my stupid questions and helped me with my Thai words. Definitely a great way to spend an injured day.

So tonight, I will be chilling out, possibly scoffing some more green curry, then packing so I am ready to meet my ferry to Ao Nang tomorrow. Only five more days until I am back :(


Lyn said...

Been following your exploits keenly, so happy you are having a good time! The advice from that fella was good, you should get yourself a course of antibiotics, you might find those cuts get very nasty indeed.

Take care of yourself and hopefully I'll see you in Feb :)

Utopiana said...

So far, they're just a bit jagged and ugly, but I applied liberal amounts of alcohol and betadine to them, wrapped them up in bandaids, and (for ugly-arse jagged cuts) they look pretty good. Pain nearly gone, but there is still a bit of hobble going on!

So glad you've been reading, Lyn! Really nice to know someone is :D. Loving it here; it is just amazing. And there will definitely be a dinner, or at the very least a cocktail, when I hit D-town, guaranteed