Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In a serendipitous turn of events, only days before I fly into Thailand, massive rallies against a corrupt government have been hitting the streets with promises of more. Frankly, I cannot believe my luck, because whilst I have a penchant for protesting, it will be thoroughly educational to see how this sort of assembly occurs in another country. Anyone who likes a bit of political activism cannot help but feel inspired when they hear that the French have shut down the entire country again because their government wants to raise the age of retirement. Or the Greeks have been rioting against governmental austerity measures. In my time, I remember being a part of a couple of big rallies; the first at 10 years old marching against the bicentennial celebrations at the opening of the new Parliament House in Canberra (actually, maybe that wasn't as big as I remember, as a lot of people were there to witness the unveiling of the "coat-hanger on the hill". But Dad let me say "Bicentennial Bullshit!" whilst marching, so all was good!). The others of course being the anti-war protests following JWH's cuddling up to GWB, and, for a brief time, the S11 anti-globalisation rallies. Generally, whilst the will is good at protests, Australian actions tend to get me down because it just seems that, on the whole, Australia is an apathetic nation who assumes that the government will fix stuff, and who also believe that none of this action makes a difference. Why don't more take a stand? What is it about Australia in this day and age? Anyway, I hope to get the chance to see some of this.

Enough about how CL plans to change the world, and now to CL travelling the world. I CANNOT WAIT!! I am not packed, I have not booked a single tour, and I only just organised my travel insurance at 2am this morning. But I am pumped! Indi is booked into a kennel as apparently my Blue Heeler is a flippin' nuisance, so she's getting herself a holiday as well. The itinerary is thus: 6 nights in Bangkok, 2 nights in Phuket, 4 nights in Phi Phi and 4 nights in Ao Nang. Originally, I was looking at Koh Samui, but flights etc were cheaper this way, and besides, I've never even been to Thailand, so going anywhere there will be an adventure. There is a fair bit of R+R scheduled in there, but, of course, I need to find some cultural stuff to immerse myself in, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. Nightlife-wise; thanks to having a bunch of party animal mates, I am pretty much covered, but always looking for unique experiences. Oh, and if I don't see at least 5 shows, get 3 massages, and gain about 5 kilos, I will be shocked at myself!

There will be a couple of ferries between the islands, and I hope that whilst I am away, I get to update this thing with a few tales and photos. Haven't decided whether I am taking the computer or not, actually; could be a nuisance to lug around. Plus, everyone keeps warning me about thieves (is it a huge problem there?).

Stay well all, and hopefully I will update you from BKK!

P.S Got all my uni work in, and have passed everything. Flogged Politics, funnily enough... :D

P.P.S If you write me a comment on this thing, I will love you forever. I promise!

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