Monday, January 17, 2011

Two nights in Bangkok

It's taken me a bit to finally get to a computer; understandably so I reckon! The short of it is all is well, I arrived safely (albeit utterly fragged) and have been getting on with the holidaying and touristy side of things!

I arrived in BKK at about 9pm local time, which was 1am Melbs time. I think I was beyond wrecked, and every muscle in my body ached from the trip. I have to say though, the mob at Thai Airways look after you a treat. Service was brilliant, food was pretty damn fine. Choice of movies were Hollywood shyte, but you simply can't have everything! On arrival at the airport, I was being picked up by a driver and taken to my accommodation, and so begineth my first experience of BKK driving. Despite the fact that he drove at warp speed and changed lanes like a bank robber in an action film, I felt pretty safe as everyone else was doing much the same. Got to my swank accommodation in one piece, ordered room service, then promptly flaked.

Yesterday was a nomad day. I tried to get my bearings, as well as get a feel for the place. Initially, I found the noise and the traffic quite intimidating, but I randomly found myself in a skytrain station, and hopped on board to the Chatuchak Markets. Got myself a few bargains; pretty pleased with the $8 sandals I am wearing at the moment, for example. From there, I came back into Siam Square, where I checked out Paragon Centre, Siam Centre, and a few of the shops on the square. I then walked down to Silom, where quite a few of my "new Thai best friends" tried to get me into their various pubs and clubs. More little market stalls and food carts (I'm yet to get used to that smell), and after walking myself into agony, I jumped back on the Skytrain for happy hour back at the hotel and a sadly early night.

Today was a bit more planned. First I visited the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). This was via the ferries which were wonderfully bumpy, and jam-packed, but a brilliant way to take in a few sites. Then I went on to Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) where I took in the brilliant architecture and the collection of iconography, and then treated myself to a Traditional Thai Massage. Following that experience, I feel somewhat bendier...

This is just a short-but-sweet and hopefully I will get myself organised enough to post some pics next time. But just to let you all know: all is well, I am enjoying myself, and have the aching muscles to prove it. My next move (should I get myself moving quickly) is to visit the Calypso Cabaret and catch a show. Will more than likely be more sites tomorrow, and thinking of booking in a tour on Tues to the River Kwai. Hope you're all well!

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Kerryn said...

My mum's been to the River and says it's a must. Glad you're enjoying it.