Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Postscript - Thailand

Just a few more notes as I thought my last entry was rather inadequate. Thailand is a great place to go to, and a brilliant one to travel alone in as there is so much to see, that the freedom of just jumping in a Tuk Tuk at your own whim to visit a temple, catch a show, or take in some breath-taking scenery is a wondrous thing. Without exception, the service I received at the hotels, restaurants and on tours was second to none, and despite my Thai being limited to "hello", "thank you", and "I'm a vegetarian", people went out of their way to understand what the hell I was on about.

If I had my time over, definitely I would have stayed in Tonsai whilst in Phi Phi, and I probably would have grunged it up more in accommodation choices so I was staying with a more similar to myself crowd, rather than the honeymooners, families and mid-life crisis set. I would have skipped over Phuket, and gone north, or checked out a few islands in the Gulf as well. All the more reason though to go back, I reckon! I also would have learnt how to bargain with market stall holders better; generally I sucked at this skill, as I found it hard to comprehend that things could be so much cheaper than in Australia, and they willing to go even more so for a sale

A few statistics with regards to my trip:

  • Number of photos taken - 453
  • Number of towns visited - 9 (stayed in 4)
  • Number of ferries caught - 10
  • Total number of toilets blocked because I forgot that you are not supposed to flush toilet paper through their systems - 6
  • Number of toilets I unblocked by pouring an entire bottle of complimentary hotel shower gel into the bowl - 6
  • Massages received - 4
  • Squat loos encountered - 4
  • Pairs of Thai Fisherman Pants bought - 5
  • Banana pancakes purchased at roadside stands - 7
  • Number of Ladyboys who gave CL helpful directions - 5
  • Location of the best Green Curry in Thailand - Laem Thong (Phi Phi)
  • Number of times CL turned down a tailor-made suit, a massage or a Tuk Tuk ride - infinite
  • Most people CL shared a Songthaew with - 27
  • "Buckets" consumed before feeling like hell - 0.75
  • Designer labels bought cheaply - 1 (yep, still a bit of a hippy...)
  • Temples visited - 5
One other thing. I'm not sure that this is going to surprise anyone reading, but I reckon when people travel, they always have some sort of comfort food they go for when they need something other than local cuisine, and mine just happened to be Indian. There were a lot of great Indian restaurants in Thailand, and whilst it is sad that I went to Thailand and ate Indian food, I also must admit, it is a lot easier to get vego Indian dishes as the Thai love their meat!

Cheers, and back to the grind!

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