Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time is not on my side...

Wow, been a while since I wrote anything here, hasn't it? Quietest blog ever. You know, I actually considered turning this into a political blog and using it to run my endless commentary on what I think is going on in the world so that I am no longer clogging up people's news feed on Facebook with multiple rantings a day. Alas, this has not eventuated, and people continue to endure said rantings. One of these days...

So what has changed since I last wrote? In a nutshell, pretty much everything! For starters, one of my two new nephews is currently squawking in the next room (the "good" kind of squawk, although he was "bad squawking" about an hour ago). Welcome to the world, Johnny Leo Wilson and Allan Micah Tjampijinpa Liddle (aka "Aloisius Hieronymous Desert-legs Liddle" and "Jikiti Fatso-whale Liddle"). One of them is a total Zen hippy baby, and the other one is, well, a bit of a nut really. It's pretty cool being an Aunty, and both have been supplied with heaps of cuddles and a collection of radical jumpsuits to wear when I take them out on the picket lines. It's interesting adjusting to this "adulthood" malarkey, because apparently when the next generation shows up that's what you become, and I am failing miserably in that respect. But it is rather cool being an Aunty, and seeing these two little people who are now a part of our whackjob family just blending in. It's a good gig.

Got through another year of uni, pretty well too, which leaves me with another semester before I have another piece of paper to whack on my wall. So naturally, I am looking into more courses to do. I will be embarking on a Masters next, and the "when" and "where" is yet to be determined. It took me far too long to get back into study, and now that I am I plan to not get out of it any time soon as it is truly addictive and I have really enjoyed pushing myself intellectually. Keeps the grey matter fresh. Possibly. Or it could just be another ploy of mine because if I never leave uni then I never have to officially grow up because I am technically still a student. Either way.

Been Overseas three times this year. Thailand, of course, and also New Zealand to hang with the Maori caucus of our sister union, and the UK. Every time I go overseas it gets that much tougher to come back to Australia and so for the first time in, oh, ever some long-term goals have been pondered by myself. I have never been one for those as life is wonderfully unpredictable, but sodding off somewhere else at least for a couple of years sounds like a worthy ambition to me.

Work has been great! It was a leap of faith that I took when I left UniMelb after so many years, but I haven't regretted it for a second. Having new challenges, a new environment, and not to mention a great bunch of people to work with has refreshed me. Plus working in a political environment was really not going to be something I loathed, was it? Bonus points, by the way, for the fact that I travel heaps with work and the office happens to be located around the corner from the South Melbourne markets as well as near a fine selection of food places that I am yet to get bored of. 8.5 years of University food, so is it any wonder that I'm enjoying this a tad?

Nearly, after 13 months, I am recovered from my car accident, and I purchased myself a convertible back in July. Since then I've been terrorising Nepean Highway with my thumping tunes and need to sing along rather loudly to them. I have heard from several reliable sources that Melbs missed this daily occurrence in the 9 months that I was carless and thus this comeback tour does not seem to be ending any time soon. Incidentally, after months of reoccurring whiplash, shoulder injuries, back stiffness, and occasional anxiety it is really nice to be somewhat free of those things. Just hope it lasts.

I haven't seen Paul Kelly since that flight earlier this year, however I did push in front of Damien Walshe at the security check at the airport a couple of months ago. And I bought boots from the place that used to sell them to The Madness. And I skulked around a market that was in a club where the Sex Pistols used to play. So I am certain that's enough credits to be considered "Z-list", surely?

Hair is short and is staying short as it is liberating to have short hair. And blue hair. And magenta hair. And green hair. And purple hair. Did I mention the aversion to "growing up"? Also CD collection has expanded dramatically this year and the eardrums are surviving to tell the tale...

Anyway, I cannot guarantee that this will ever be updated again, or that I will even look at this page. But on the off chance that I do, catch you next time!